February 24th, 2014

Get a Head Start On Your Summer Travel Plans With


Here are some of our favorite locations and hotels to consider for your summer travel plans. Don’t forget to check the packages! You can book a flight, hotel and car rental all through

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Imagine yourself sipping a margarita and gazing out upon crystal blue waters with your feet in the sand under a golden sun. Where are you? Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! Head to and book a room at the Welk Resort Sirena Del Mar for $165/night (usually $329), our favorite hotel in this far away paradise!

Las Vegas, NV

Although not a beach city, you can still experience unrivalled summer fun in Las Vegas, NV

by  Anne Middleton
February 17th, 2014

Craving a Last Minute Ski Trip? Has You Covered


Longing to click into your skis or snowboard, take your kids for a sledding adventure and sip on an Irish coffee with your feet kicked up next to the fireplace? Here are just four of the many specials on; the one and only place to find the best rate for a hotel that can accommodate your winter ski trip needs.

Featuring ski rentals, shuttle service and a pet friendly policy, the Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa in Mammoth, CA will surely keep your mood elevated this winter. Voted the “Best Family Resort” by the New York Times Travel section, it is equipped with a renowned spa for adults and an activities-filled center (named Club Hollow) for kids

by  Anne Middleton
February 10th, 2014

5 Amazing Valentine’s Day Deals We Love on


Still looking for that perfect getaway for Valentine's Day? We found five amazing hotel room deals on that will melt your heart and not your wallet!

1. For couples looking to stay warm this Valentine's Day, the Paradise Point Resort and Spa in San Diego, CA is the perfect place. Just picture yourselves wandering around tropical lagoons and surrounding beaches, maybe even treating one another to one of the many exotic spa treatments. Its lover’s paradise at its best and you can book your stay at for $205/night

by  Anne Middleton
February 7th, 2014

What to Expect at Bed and Breakfast


Are you a breakfast lover?  Do you long for a home-away-from-home when you are on vacation? For your next travel adventure, a bed and breakfast might be a great choice for you., in addition to giving you great deals on world-class hotel accommodations, can help you find the perfect B&B for you—at a terrific price!

At the B&B, the morning meal is the main event.  Every B&B has a different approach to how they serve breakfast, so be sure to check in with your innkeeper about what they provide.  Some B&Bs serve a hearty, buffet-style breakfast

by  Anne Middleton
December 4th, 2013

Best Destinations to Visit This Winter


Are you planning to take a vacation this winter? If so, you want to make sure that you choose a great destination with a lot to see and do. Many people choose to visit destinations that have a warmer climate as a way to escape winter’s cool air and snow, but there are many great vacation spots, hot and cold alike! Take a look below to learn about some of the best destinations to visit during the winter months.

Rome, Italy

If you’ve always wanted to travel to Rome, the winter is the prefect time to do so

by  Anne Middleton
November 15th, 2013

What to Look For When Choosing a Hotel


If you’re planning an upcoming trip, you will have a lot to consider. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a great hotel so that you can better enjoy your experience. Take a look at the following information for tips on what to think about when choosing a hotel.

Consider the Cost

Cost is a big factor for most people when booking a hotel. Since you’ll have other expenses during your vacation, you may not want to spend all of your money on lodging. Luckily, there are many great ways to save on some of the best hotels at Hotels

by  Anne Middleton
November 8th, 2013

How to Prepare for Your Next Trip


If you’re planning a trip, whether it’s for fun or for business, it’s important to plan carefully. You want to make sure that you have as much fun as possible and that your travels go smoothly so that you have less stress. There are steps that you can take to better prepare for your next trip. Take a look at the tips below to learn more abut what you can do!

Make Hotel Accommodations

You will want to have a comfortable place to stay each night so that you can better enjoy your travel experience

by  Anne Middleton
October 14th, 2013

You Deserve a Getaway with


“You deserve a getaway,” I kept repeating to myself.  Eight months of waking up every couple of hours through the night, hundreds (maybe thousands) of diaper changes, and very very little time hanging out with my husband.  A weekend getaway had been EARNED.  Just one itsy-bitsy problem...I could not bring myself to leave my son.  Not even for one night.  Darn those maternal instincts!  But I was still determined to find a solution.

First, I considered booking us a suite in an exotic location and simply bringing our son with us

by  Abbey O'Bryan
July 12th, 2013

A Legendary, Yet Affordable Trip To Las Vegas


Similar to The Hangover movie series, my college career is quickly coming to an end, so my best friends and I have decided to celebrate mourn our approaching graduation with an epic adventure. We’ve decided to go to Las Vegas, the city of sin, right before our senior year begins. Ideally, we would like our vacation to embody as many similarities to the first Hangover movie as possible, so that starts with booking a room at (the real) Caesar’s Palace. Unlike the Hangover characters, no one in my wolf pack has a decently paid job, so instead we’ll be ballin’ on a budget, which makes Hotels

by  Maya Nimnicht


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