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Borrowing a vehicle is simplistic with Hertz, a company that has supplied preeminent rental service for 90 years. Hertz's squadron includes comprises of cars by Mercedes, Cadillac, Ford, and Infiniti. They also have Audi R8's, Mitsubishi Spyder convertibles, sports cars and a line of fuel-efficient hybrid cars at economical rates. More





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September 10th, 2013
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From Sea to Shining Sea...With Hertz


We’d been planning our epic road trip for two years. 2,700 miles from the Pacific to the Atlantic.  For my best friend and me, it was our “pat on the back” for surviving our grueling graduate program.  Two very lengthy (and very boring) dissertations later, we were free women!  Free to hit the open road! Free to throw caution to the wind! But wait...neither of the two old clunkers we’d been rattling around in for the last two years were in any shape to get us across country.  In all our excitement we’d overlooked that minor detail.  Thankfully, though, we were two very recent recipients of two very pricey degrees, and we knew how to use them.  One Google search later, we had our solution: Hertz Car Rental.

I still remember how fun it was to pick out our dream rental.  We had always owned very old, very used compact cars so naturally we settled on a luxury convertible.  And as luck would have it, the only convertible they had that day was a Mitsubishi Spyder with 50 (yes...I said 50) miles on it.  That experience sealed the deal.  I became a Hertz fan for life.  Now, five years later, my husband, son and I are planning a trip back home for the holidays, and we’re renting a car (sadly, not a convertible) to drive 500 miles from his parents' to mine.  Of course, we had to rent with Hertz, but this time I used a Hertz promo code that saved us $35 on our rental!  Epic road trip #2, here we come.

by  Abbey O'Bryan
July 19th, 2013
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Please Direct Me to the Music Festival


This August I’m flying home to the Bay Area to attend Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. To save money I’ll be staying with my parents in Berkeley, which is half an hour from San Francisco. The Bay Area has a great public transportation system, however it is always such a pain to take the subway from downtown Berkeley, to Downtown San Francisco, followed by a 45 minute long ride to Golden Gate Park in a smelly bus. Sadly, my parents do not have a spare car, so it doesn't seem like I can afford to be picky. But thanks to PromoCodesForYou.com I found some great deals with Hertz car rentals. Not only can I get $25 off my reservation, I can also get their Hertz Neverlost GPS free for 3 days (valued at $38.97). With those notorious one way streets that flood San Francisco, I may need a GPS to navigate me to the music.

by  Maya Nimnicht